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Slash 'n' squish
25 June 2006 @ 05:25 pm
Back Soon!

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Slash 'n' squish
22 June 2006 @ 08:53 pm
thefloatingbear: i bet we could make any one word dirty
suborbital: gimmie a word!
thefloatingbear: fart
thefloatingbear: haha that's a hard one
thefloatingbear: ok ok
suborbital: hmmm
thefloatingbear: Beatles!
thefloatingbear: haha this is not going to work
suborbital: oh that's easy
thefloatingbear: oh really?
suborbital: Why Skandar loves the Beatles? by SubOrbital. Skandar loves the Beatles because the very first time he was sucked into orgasm it was listening to 'Please Please Me' by the Beatles. The first time he was fucked into orgasm(no easy feat for this tightass), he was listening to 'Can't Buy Me Love', and Skandar thought he loves those Beatles. And for some obvious reasons, so does William.
thefloatingbear: omfg
thefloatingbear: i am so posting that on my journal *giggles*
thefloatingbear: I LOVE it
suborbital: lol there you go, we just made Beatles dirty
thefloatingbear: the Beatles are my new obsession
thefloatingbear: but that put skan and will in it...
thefloatingbear: *ded*
suborbital: muhahahha
suborbital: And I bet you thought the Sub couldn't dirty it up. I am teh pron Sub. Teh Psycho!Sub. *Skandar can hear the words of that classic 'Can't Buy Me Love' ringing through his apartment as William pistons into him like a man possessed. As Skandar's mouth falls in wordless desire he finally gains enough composure to focus his eyes on his lover.* They're right, Will, you can't buy me love .... but you can sure fuck me, Love. *He said with a wink. And that is most certainly what William did ... quite well. So says Skandar's screams of pleasure and explosion of ecstasy without even using his hands. Skandar loves those Beatles.*
thefloatingbear: HAHA *shakes with happiness*
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Slash 'n' squish
22 June 2006 @ 05:17 pm
Still no job as yet, I'm getting used to rejection, or in fact, simply being ignored.

I have finished my Lennon biography when I should be reading booksforschool I must not, I must NOT slash the Beatles, that is like slashing Jesus wtf?!

So if anyone wants any Beat-les songs, I'll upload them for ya, cos I have no life, even though RIGHT NOW (or in 20 mins or so) I'm going to din dins with teh super!mini!GRAN and teh mini!MOTHER eek! LOL

Also, does anyone know why I have been friended by frandz...um...am I Russian? haha да, которым я являюсь, я дурачил Вас !

*loves all*
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21 June 2006 @ 04:29 pm
I'm feeling slightly less pathetic today XD
My gran is here, she cracks me up, being less than 5 foot tall, more than 85 years old and still very scary and strong.

I haven't talked to Red today, but I really think it was a case of me overreacting and just in general angst over fandom issues..and issues in general HAHAH I just have no confidence in any of my abilities at the mo...also lack of sleep and LACK OF COFFEE BABEH! Blah I must try to be less paranoid about things!

The Beatles doing Shakespeare, John as a woman and Paul as his lovely lover...(and Ringo as a Lion)..is love.
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21 June 2006 @ 01:37 am
I'm really sad.
I can hear people being sick outside my window
My brother moved out of home today in a stress paddy
I just had a disagreement/misunderstanding with redleaf0
I have writer's block
I don't have any money or a job
I can't sleep
I think I'm falling out of love with my fandom even though paradoxically I kinda love it more than ever
I'm just sick of all this shit
I hate people that whine in their Ljs
The end

HAHAHA whatever I'm just being a sad old insomniac...

I love http://youtube.com/ and chibbeatles I really do...hours of fun...
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06 June 2006 @ 04:15 pm
So I'm off down south for a week, will they understand me down there, or will they mock me for my Yorkshire ways? ;-)

I promise...(eek) when I come back there will be writings of some sort, either here or at narnia_wham. I'm taking my yellow notebook and my stripey pen, I'm hoping the isolation from technology of any kind will inspire me to come over all old fashioned productive-type-thing...

I have nothing good to share...ooh maybe I'll see the boys when I'm in London? Really no, Cus, stop being a stalker plskthx.

Missing and loving to all! *kisses*
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Slash 'n' squish
I blame the increasing cramps in my stomach and back and something to do with estrogen? for my sudden need for indulgent nonsensical irrelevant non original picspam of beauty that maybe only I want to see right now but yeah, the tummy needs it!

something about the bright side?Collapse )
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25 May 2006 @ 06:27 pm
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:thefloatingbear
Your haiku:day spun by fast for
both our little kings one of
his own old white socks
Created by Grahame

also: periods suck
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Slash 'n' squish
So I'm somewhat half way through finals doomdom...but yeah now my hand is cramped so much-like hello! *waves* who uses a pen in the 21st century? lolz

By Friday I will be free-in the sense that then I'll have to look for a job to occupy over the summer when I'm not reading/writing gay/trying to get fit and tanned...I'm thinking maybe LUSH? Or will the smell overpower if I was in there for an entire day?-I don't want to lose my sensitive nose!XD But then again...free bath bombs?

Or maybe I'll just go to the library and start shelving books...I figure if I'm persistent enough theyll eventually let me stay and maybe slip me a couple of twenties under the counter IT'S LITERATURE SABOTAGE!!! Moo haha...

and this is completely random but I just love Will Young, probably no one else will know who Will Young is but la! I am trying to give myself therapy to figure out why the men I find attractive most often turn out to be gay..hmmm...*giggles*Collapse )
oh and I now own all bear related icons in the world ever thankyou...who remembers gummiberry juice?
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16 May 2006 @ 11:08 pm
Not to be a self pimper or anything:

narnia_wham is now open!!!

Please join if you wish...we shall be posting friends locked pics of naked Skan next week ;-)

Disclaimer: I may be lying to get you to visit us..but you will find somekindof porn I promise!!! MOoHaHA
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