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Slash 'n' squish
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anti-establishment chic/idolizing beauty/celebrating difference/wearing converse every day/uncovering truth/looking on the bright side/slashing the world/finding happiness/surviving on caffeine/

I run narnia_wham with suborbital
I run royalslash with spadix and klepto_malfoy
I run around flailing with underpants on my head with anyone who asks

EVERYONE at public school snogs the guy next to you.
~William Moseley

Stolen sweets are always sweeter, Stolen kisses much completer, Stolen looks are nice in chapels, Stolen, stolen be your apples.
~James Henry Leigh Hunt

Still here? Right. I just have to say this is your last warning...I am more than half crazy but if you can handle that-then welcome aboard the good ship Floating Bear! here be fangirls I'm pretty determined to always keep my journal un-friends-locked...but if you want to friend me that is great and I will no doubt friend you back (as I do occasionally only post fic/photos to my journal) but PLEASE DROP A NOTE TO SAY HOWDY OK? otherwise I get confused so...yeah...thanks

Edmund is my 'puter he says: Hello nicetomeetcha but where is Peter it is time for my bath?

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by morethenitseems


spurnd is spiffy backpack bunny love like whoa
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wiffle is eternal brain share love like crazy






Music is first, last and everything in between love

Smex is a Texas drought baby...

AIM sucksbutwhatcanyoudo?icannaeget'trillian'edmundisalergic+itmeansicantalktomygirlies love:

faerie_dance: I wouldn't say I'm pretty, but the colour is
thefloatingbear: Aw all of you together is! *peers through hole in Edmund she made to spy on people*
faerie_dance: O_O
thefloatingbear: what's that face for?
faerie_dance: spying AND lying
thefloatingbear: spying and lying?
thefloatingbear: no! Edmund's hole never lies!
faerie_dance: OMG....
faerie_dance: *is totally trying not to laugh*
thefloatingbear: wha?
thefloatingbear: don't laugh!
faerie_dance: look what you just wrote
thefloatingbear: meh?
thefloatingbear: omg....
thefloatingbear: seriously no!

red is my total pillar of supporting friend (and funny smut writer) love

thefloatingbear: Oh...*Peter eyes widen with triumph, thinking he's got it* You mean...I can fuck you into the mattress and we can still snuggle afterwards? *he says bluntly and without thought, blinking innocently as if he had asked Ed if he wanted a cup of tea*
redleaf0: *ed laughs loudly,playfully pushing him away* I wanted it, my dear one...I want you to fuck me like an animal, and you have to agree. *still talking quietly just like he answered he wanted it but without too much sugar in it*

museli is icon smex and crazy comment love
Sock is my wife...hee

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No boys/animals/fruit of any kind were harmed in the making of this journal

My spelling is bad...but I went to a bad comprehensive school, I think I do pretty well-considering ;-)

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